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John Lewis Pet Insurance

We aim to be able to quote for as many customers as possible, insuring pets from just 10 weeks of age and having no upper age limit. Just under 30% of all sales are for kittens and puppies aged under 1 year and the most popular single category breed for dogs is crossbreeds – c. 18% of total dog sales. Pedigree dogs make up the large remainder, particularly Retrievers, Spaniels and Terriers and most customers’ cats are Moggies, followed closely by pedigree breeds such as Persians and Burmese. As with all of John Lewis Insurance products, Pet Insurance is comprehensive with features and benefits that do not always come as standard with other policies. We provide up to £1,000 for advertising if the pet is lost or stolen Pets are entitled to up to £12,000 for vet fees each year they are covered with us, including emergency dental treatment, physiotherapy and surgical procedures For dogs, we also offer customers up to £3 million of third party liability if their dog causes an accident. As with all John Lewis Insurance products, a high level of service can be expected and wherever possible we try to pay the vet directly to save the customer time.


Vets Medi Cover

Cover your pet for vets' bills of £10,000 per year Uniquely, our pet insurance product is pre-priced. We charge the same price for your cat, dog or select breed, aged between eight weeks and eight years, irrespective of postcode. Our pet insurance lifetime cover provides peace of mind for pet owners concerned about their pet developing a long term, chronic or reoccurring illness. We pay up to £10,000, year after year, for the continuing treatment of your pet, provided you renew the policy.

Pet Insurance Quote Zone

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COMPARE PET INSURANCE Get cheap pet insurance quotes now Search over 10 insurance providers - for free Fill in one form and let us do the rest Immediate results with no obligation.

Pdsa Vets

PDSA Vet Care services are available to pet owners who receive either Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, and live within a defined catchment area around each PDSA PetAid hospital or practice. All popular domestic pets are treated, dogs, cats and those described as ‘small furries’.* *Please note that PDSA only treats 1 pedigree pet per household. Please don’t wait until your pet is sick or injured, find out today if PDSA can help you.